Things I've Done Recently

"you're only as good as your last performance..."

Supercats Web

The Supercats

One of my primary projects, Simone & The Supercats is how I earn a living. No, not the web design part, the performing part :)   This site features custom javascript, css, embedded audio/video and more. It's (always) a work in progress so new features come and go.

Simone Web

Simone (Originals)

While the two look similar, Simone's website features more of an 'SPA' (single page application) format. As you look around, consider mobile users and the reduction of links to other pages. While this website does receive updates, it's not as frequently changed as The Supercats' site.

Vimeo Video


While you won't find a lot of video on my Vimeo site (working on new stuff - the other stuff is 4:3 SD and too dated) you can take a look at our most recent :30 promo. Authored in After Effects, produced with Cakewalk Sonar and recorded/mixed in-house.


Sandpiper Motel

One of my side gigs recently has been the redevelopment of a motel website. The Sandpiper is located in Marathon Key, FL and has been around for a long time... so has their existing website. My goal is to freshen up and modernize their presence using mobile-first strategy, a more modern feel and eventually add a database and booking portal.


Basic Schema (JSON)

Schema (JSON) is something that I have been spending some time on. Google uses this markup to impact a websites' search result(s) and has become an important part of optimizing SEO strategy. Also, I've been dabbling with Geo IP concepts to better understand how to capture nearby customers.

Page Speed


Page Speed Insights are a super-important part of web development. If your website takes too long to load then it's unlikely your customer will stick around. I don't pretend to know all of the tricks but I know enough to get a website "into the green".